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Bean's China CEO Marsha: catch the next billion travelers in the Chinese market

Date: 2018-12-31

Booking localization strategy in China, is a continuously increasing investment mode.

How to grab the next billion travelers - for bean guest ( is a vital strategic topic, therefore, bean guest now set his sights on more in the Chinese market.

"China's localization strategy, is a continuously increasing investment pattern." bean guest China Marsha said. has been introduced into China for nearly 10 years, belonging to Booking Holdings group, platform registered housing more than 29 million, covering 229 countries and regions of the world's more than 144000 destinations.

In recent years, activity in the Chinese market.Parent company Booking Holdings group in August last year became the first Meituan comments on new investors, and took part in this July drops of a new round of financing. is also set up an independent department in China, has more than 600 employees.In Shanghai, bean also set up the largest customer service center in the asia-pacific region, more than 450 bilingual staff to provide users with 7 x24 hours, 43 languages customer service support. marketing investment are also increasing, not only in the subway, tencent video, love in the video web site to be able to see it, even a cooperation with spring airlines all the prints of plane "".

A series of actions showed that want closer to Chinese consumers.Product end also is focused on the localization, such as "preferential Booking daily" micro letter small program, and on the web, APP support micro signal, the mobile phone number login, and support the micro letter to pay, pay treasure and unionpay pay with Chinese characteristics, such as the mobile terminal of the quick payment.

Houses on in the past, in the traditional hotel category, and now, in addition to the hotel, is also increasing the home stay facility such as non-standard lodging houses.According to the data provided by the, non-standard accommodation on the platform at present has more than 5.8 million online availability. in continuous efforts, also want to give to the Chinese consumers a full range of travel experiences, therefore, not only is the outbound tourism, also includes domestic peripheral tourism, leisure, vacation and business travel and so on various aspects.And, in addition to the accommodation through the platform reserved, needed to travel to other services, including car rental, ticket reservation, also with Booking Holdings group investment or cooperation way directly to the consumers one-stop experience.

Drops, such as investment in the future Booking Holdings, the APP will drops taxi service for the user interface, and drops the user will also can be directly through the drops APP Booking properties of

Marsha for judgment is the competitive environment, first, whether from the mobile end user scale to the mobile payment, and then to content marketing dimension point of view, in recent years the development of Chinese digital consumption habits are very quickly;Secondly, from the original single PC side flow to uniform inlet flow and comprehensive stationing flowering, traffic competition has from artery into the capillaries.

Brand mind is established in the dynamic changes of the competition."Localization itself is a big challenge, Marsha said, there are a lot of products, how to understand the needs of users in China, how to combine the different hot products for Chinese consumers, and resources arrangement of this itself is a very big topic.