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A short video traffic tuyere how to improve exposure self-producing trill hotel occupancy rate?

Date: 2018-07-23

In "C C li", "dance" seaweed seaweed, xi 'an and bowl of wine, Turkey ice cream, haidilao ways become necessary now young people chat topic, "double micro a shake" will become the standard marketing theory seems to have to be recognized.

Trill powerful drainage ability, creative content, and let all brand companies covet algorithm mechanism, have said to hurry into the pit.Lenovo, pizza hut, adidas, even the communist youth league "youth micro studio" on the trill launched the "I want to laugh out 'quintessence fan" challenge.

Since held a trill marketing summit for the first time in 2018, in addition to weibo, micro letter, is everyone talking about how to use the trill do marketing, the hotel people more and more anxious, whether in the hotel industry should also join the trill marketing force?

For "trill flow to liquidate, brings to the hotel marketing new thinking" this topic, the national hotel executive community in the same group has carried on the warm discussion, the topic, published for the hotel how to utilize the trill marketing industry.

Have a preliminary contact, the individual feels trill target groups is very clear, after 80, 90, 00.In 15 seconds to show the author want to convey the content, must be intuitive don't procrastination, carrier is convenient.Rhythm faster and faster now, 15 seconds time limit is appropriate if you prefer a long, dense, you may lose a large part of potential customers.

There is also a worthy of our study is the core of their analysis, he can according to your residence time, point number, focus on the direction.Confirm your preferences to selectively recommend your favorite content.In short the above said is marketing three emphasis: target population, effective area, data analysis.In 15 seconds the calculated time and this App platform as the carrier.

Maximum target (relative is our sales to their hotel as the carrier of a target in the most effective public relations for a set period of time) now the trill are still immersed in conspicuous stage, the publicity of class less things.Can we try to intervene at the home of 80, 90, 00.Don't go to a simple advertising, but with the Hitchcock film technique, is limited to 15 seconds to your hotel as the background to tell a finally let a person: "turned out to be such" story.Now that can fire: sell fish kid sister ", hand drum little sister "why can't a: sell the hotel's little brother?

Too often, we make weibo, micro letter, the public, is for the influence of a market.Trill business docking is not very mature.Can be used as a propaganda tool, but it is not appropriate to do too much.

Actually see hotel trill as a variety of small programs, make network red is ok, where is the "father" snatching a previously unknown new leaves, an ancient village became popular."If you are the one" do work directly the xixi wetland.