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Lanlingen Hotel, Dali antike Stadt (Landscape Hotel Dali), Das Hotel ist ein Ferienhotel, das Unterkunft, Verpflegung, Konferenz, Gesundheitsschutz, Unterhaltung und RV-Tourismus umfasst.Das Hotel befindet sich im Kernbereich der antiken Stadt Dali, die auf der ganzen Welt berühmt ist. Es ist in der Nähe von Cangshan, Erhai und drei Pagoden des Chongsheng Tempel. Der Transport ist sehr bequem.Der architektonische Stil des Hotels ist würdevoll und elegant, was das Wesen der Bai-Architekturkultur hervorhebt.Das Hotel besteht aus sechs Innenhöfen mit 283 Gästezimmern.Um die architektonische Kunst der Bai-Nationalität zu verkörpern und zu erben, ist das Hotel im Bai-Nationalität, das von den alten Bauarbeitern der Bai-Nationalität aus ganz Dali gebaut wurde, mit modernen Einrichtungen, der Dekoration mit Bai Nationalität Eigenschaften ausgestattet und der traditionelle Bai Nationalität Hof Garten, um ein warmes Gefühl des Lebens zu schaffen, so dass die Gäste den modernen Komfort, Ruhe und Ruhe sowie das eigene Hotel genießen könnenKultur der Architektur.Das Hotel verfügt über einen multifunktionalen Konferenzraum und zwei Business-Konferenzräume mit unterschiedlichen Spezifikationen. Es verfügt auch über chinesische und westliche Restaurants, RV-Touren und andere Serviceartikel mit unterschiedlichen Stilen, was den Gästen ein einzigartiges frisches Erlebnis bringt.
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  • oo511
    Hotel rates inconsistent fly-by
  • lyljc777
    Not too good, not worth the price, nothing special. only good parking, and nothing
  • e01277321
    That's good.
  • axine
    It wasn't too bad.
  • colorwei
    Surrounding environment very well, within the environment of the hotel, the facility slightly old, but nice.
  • fx619
  • infofang
    Reception is very poor, like health, very close to the old town
  • e00164426
    In the ancient city of Dali, location is very good. decoration of the hotel is very distinctive, recommended
  • april35
    This time with a family holiday, landscape hotel booking online, hotel location in the city center, visiting the old town and shopping for food is really very convenient, hotel layout is characteristic of Bai architecture stands out, only not quite satisfied with is the soundproofing of the rooms almost, guests late at night when walking and speaking voice is loud, but will consider staying again.
  • jlccfxm
    Located within the old town, good location
  • stoneintree
    Hotel is a garden-style hotel in the ancient city of foreigners on the street,
  • ed04551
  • Miss.J
    Very good in all aspects.
  • E01404708
    Really good, next time!
  • Celine
    Convenient, next time
  • liliena
    Every time I go to Dali lived here
  • lgxxf
    High season you will forget it, really a very, very bad, front desk there are progress really awfully bad if our Guangdong, this hotel in Dali said the best really might as well us two star hotels
  • applet
    Good location, facilities and service levels from four star standard there is a gap.
  • bgymay
    Good location. facilities in General, services are also generally not bad!
  • a6519239
    On location in the main street of marble from the foreigners ' Street, hotel you can see the cangshan. rooms are antique white style, like.
  • lxj6860963
    Hotels inside the city, equipped with patio, books, unique and elegant environment, but room facilities, hotel service, breakfast was only okay, tourism here is good, but the price is high!
  • caigm39
    No good too old before no advantage for 183 boutique Inn the next day better
  • weiliam911
    Good location, 5 minutes on foot from foreigners Street, in a quiet ... let alone what services, staff is a man who ignores it. Hotel cost is not high, horse, and older.
  • l002000
    Multiple occupancy, location was very good.
  • Angela1392
    Nice hotel, value for money can also, would stay there again in the future.
  • jsjdlf
    Nice hotel, hotels have more characteristics, hardware is relatively close, night wind window of rang.
  • avenbaby
    Very nice hotel in Dali old town, Great location. Helpfull staff. Negative: we had to pay and extra for American Breakfast.
  • Andylee_
    A little bit old, breakfast every day is the same no change
  • dang_xu
    Beautiful environment, service warm reception from the foreigners ' street
    Well, next time.
  • gilleanlin
    In the ancient city of Dali, there is a car park
  • carmen0303
    Poor facilities, very general, not worth the price
  • manmandad
    Well, unique
  • eelipseoo
    This is a good hotel in Dali .I love it!
  • leo wu
    Good location, quiet and convenient ethnic characteristics
  • e01583519
    Good location, near pedestrian street, hotel is really good. but the service needs to be improved, waiters and receptionists lack of enthusiasm, and the hotel is not such a nice environment. to improve the service level when you next stay.
  • ffjessica
    Elegant environment, transport facilities, recommended improving the quality of breakfast, it's no wonder that few people in the restaurant for dinner.
  • cm9266
    Perfect location, in the center of Dali, very convenient hanging out. decoration is very characteristic, into a small courtyard, quiet ... great.
  • Amy-guo
    Help a friend booked the hotel, good location, very convenient, and slightly older facilities.
  • ERIC57679
    Which is very nice
  • j2s2n3
    Good hotel! equipment old! quiet!
  • e00895425
    I and husband staying this hotel, turned see this hotel of introduced, see this hotel of Chinese Office has 128 Yuan of sand pot fish, wrote have special attractive, in Dragon Boat Festival day night, we both on to eat has, greatly of a pot, we both eat have is satisfaction of, eat finished back room sleep, to has morning 4 points, very, diarrhea, until 7 o'clock, to early restaurant, to waiter reflect, inside just see reception we of waiter, with she said has, she immediately to help I find has soil mold pigment, I think they meals not fresh. also has special funny of thing, I 10th, staying 3 late, sent has 3 days breakfast coupons, I with off has 1 days of breakfast coupons, also has 2 days of coupons put in room of table Shang, dang I play good back room on didn't has, too funny has, even coupons will less, later I to desk reflect, they supplies I has.
  • Allanjyp
    Nice hotel, located in the old town location, quiet and very unique ... room was very good, beds are very flexible, cost-effective, highly recommended
  • adsl00
    Hotel building is White House style, simple and generous; located under the foreigners ' Street between Duan and Yu er Lu, very convenient! however, I smoked 3103,3104 the window is the way, employees began to work early, radio dialog, and affect the rest.
  • baronaa
    That's good
  • e01908689
    Environment, and poor service.
  • cyrus4411
    At the request of us, still no Porter bag
  • a757425524
    Very convenient
  • cuiwenyan
    Tone four star, Samsung grade
  • i7fun
    Very good location, in the city, the parking lot was big, free, 2 minutes walk to the pedestrian street, very suitable for self-driving travel. the hotel is built in a traditional style, antique. service at the front desk, restaurant coffee service staff is quite good