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Dali Landscape Hotel (Lanlinge Jiudian) is located in Dali's ancient historical quarter at the foot of Cang Shan (Mt. Cang) facing Erhai Lake.The only hotel in the region designed in the Bai Minority's courtyard style. On offer are 160 guest rooms and several restaurants serving Bai Minority food and other Chinese cuisine.  This Dali hotel also offers meeting facilities,  a business center and a ticket office.[View Detail]

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  • NOx-man
    Older hotel, is already the second time went really, really bad front desk service, season when expensive also calculate, poor service is still the same, well, said a tired heart
  • e03636076
    Hotel location is very good, just inside the city, foreigners ' street on the edge of old town is ideal for shopping in the evening. the hotel is a tourist attraction in itself, Dali, landscape architecture, Red House, very literary. arrival, can still encounter a lot of foreigner Oh! the only fly in the ointment is the facility slightly old, hoping to improve it!
  • FridayXi
    Convenience, surrounding lively. garden good!
  • aggie29
    1 excellent hotel, the room is not too good, the overall feeling is still very good, recommend!
  • beanlynn
    Hotel is very large, many flowers, guests are many room facilities great, less variety for breakfast, but can also be eaten
  • sunnybaby0718
    Within the environment of the hotel is very good, can be said to be a noisy stretch of land in the city, entering the hotel, people will immediately calm down, but due to the hotel for a long time, facility is too old, makes people feel more regret. hotel decoration, highlight the characteristics of BAI Ju.
  • liliena
    Every time I go to Dali lived here
  • Andylee_
    A little bit old, breakfast every day is the same no change
  • e01908689
    Environment, and poor service.
  • casio3
    Nice hotel, the room facilities.
  • Merry790328
    In General, air conditioning is not very good
  • sunyan1225
    Scenery is beautiful, rooms good, service very good, room IPad in, make a telephone call back!
  • may wong
    There is a car park, location good. is near from the foreigners ' Street, has stunned the small courtyard and book corner. room equipment
  • anjing0521
    Great location with ethnic characteristics, attractions. will live.
  • manmandad
    Well, unique
  • d01271573
    Very characteristic of the hotel, beginning with super good location, two gates of the hotel, a country road, and foreigners ' Street in close proximity, the other on the main road of the ancient city, driving motor vehicles in and out of city. in addition, the hotel's architectural style is very distinctive, is the typical architecture of Bai nationality. ointment is certainly in need of improvement.
  • tommywang1998
    Very white small courtyard, very good!
  • lyljc777
    Not too good, not worth the price, nothing special. only good parking, and nothing
  • eagle1987
    Good location, renovated antique.
  • Fronny
    A very good environment, and also a small book, small shopping is very good, is booking when you go to the front desk to confirm after a bad attitude
  • Fendi
    Very good facilities, but very carefully. services need to be improved
  • mouyanan
    Environment a big plus, and free parking, in the ancient city has been quite good!
  • bflsg
    Within the hotel environment is particularly beautiful, large plants, the clear. in the Dali ancient town center location, which is very convenient.
  • Aegis
    Service needs to be improved, facilities need to be updated.
  • flying_fox
    Good external hardware, hardware within the service Super, fits at the front desk, welcome to the room, no one help with your luggage, half said pointed to the direction for us to go there, started off by themselves. performance is not high
  • lgxxf
    High season you will forget it, really a very, very bad, front desk there are progress really awfully bad if our Guangdong, this hotel in Dali said the best really might as well us two star hotels
  • dujingjin
    Good location, but aging facilities. many people are too noisy, affect the rest.
  • linyan770926
    Poor facilities, poor service
  • linda000000
    Hotel location is good, in city center. Hotel inside of environment is has features beautiful, service is is General, front desk of customer service are is a Zhang pigment face, love answer not acting of. facilities old. hotel prices in containing of breakfast is two star hotel standard, bread white porridge Cook egg, varieties less of poor. health is poor, bed fabric estimated on didn't clean had has soil and greasy of, most terrible of is has black of small insect, in bed Shang found 3 only, ground 3 only, a night are didn't sleep practical, subsectionTwo-day Hotel gone.
  • baby_joyce_gu
    While marking a four stars, but no four-star standard
  • e03079660
    Dali hotels was so-so. Bar waiter a bad attitude
  • Being.C
    Waiting for 40 minutes, service poor! location! not to close, they don't live!
  • MEI07
    Second times staying, hotel location is good, environment and decoration style is special. traffic special convenient, travel convenience. last night buy of things package is heavy of, inconvenience to three floor carrying, wants to left-in total Taiwan, tomorrow morning go of when way away, waiter said, here has mouse, inconvenience store, room will good some. tell it like it is no wrong, just I a night heart font, certainly this is didn't approach of thing.
  • babyluning
    Hotels in the city, shopping is very convenient, hotel car park, and free, self-driving tour is very convenient, the hotel antique, yard big, restaurants are also great ... nice
  • dragonus
    Fine, antique, home away from home
  • jsust
    Lot better hotels in the city, the internal environment of the hotel is good; but the hotel services, especially front desk boast, expectations improved, after all, can be considered a tourist card
  • meteorava
    Hotel residences of great local characteristics, the yard is very characteristic, parking is easy and safe, are the facilities in the room is a bit old, the same as ten years ago, TV was thick, the lighting by lamp in the room, not bright in the evening, national day is too high a price, price
  • axisx
    Hotel facilities, health in General, are not up to 4 star standard, horrible early!
  • Amy-guo
    Help a friend booked the hotel, good location, very convenient, and slightly older facilities.
  • callalily
    All right
  • davidma_888
    Poor value for money too
  • allblf
    Environment is a bit noisy, close to pedestrian streets. antique shop environment, with its own characteristics.
  • lanceline
    Inadequate facilities, taps without water pressure is trying to find a outlet is not
  • gsyinyong
    Nice is the charging socket is not standard! bad charging
  • lvsiyuanxx
    Garden Hotel, not expensive! but poor breakfast, service is so-so, visiting the old town, living here is good
  • jn0000
    Hotel Nice, nice garden-style hotel ... hotel facilities old recommended update!
  • cmRyan
    This hotel is too behind has. except locations good, no any advantage. facilities also is last century of standard. shower, towel are dirty XI XI. staying first a night housing in three a lamp, two not bright. breakfast of cake moldy has, also cannot eat. let I think most magic of is hotel of staying system was also is handwriting of. If check out words to, 10 minutes rounds zhihou to cash returned deposit. This is last century 80 generation did? is open horizons.
    Hotel facilities old has, full housing socket only 1 a good of, make of charging are cannot filling; towel is old has, and hard and yellow; hotel too big, all day see not to a service personnel, to people feel full by self; price Super not deal, around several home not to 200 of room are than they home good many. barely live has a late second days on moved another find has a
  • daiwen123456
    Which is very nice
  • lysandy
    Very pleasant to live.